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Jungle Play Gym

Its unique modularized program allows you to progress at your own pace to maximize your success. Each level identifies different surfing skills and knowledge, based on the surfing knowledge and manoeuvres. Ekas Bay appeals to all levels of surfers. The offer great quality surfing in stunning scenery with both safe and difficult waves.

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You can reach the four un-crowded surf breaks easily. Thanks to its particular location and set-up, Ekas Bay has good swell all year round. The peak season is from April until early November, when ft m longer period swells arrive from a SSW direction. The wet season swells are ft m.

It is a long, hollow wall that breaks left, on reef, under a cliff face. Best on mid to high tides and a South, South-West wind. Suitable for intermediate surfers on smaller days. We provide surfboards and surf lessons. The wave has an easy left ideal for long boarders or beginners. These are good in the wet season, or early mornings before the wind comes up in the dry season with north-west winds.

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These exposed reefs break almost all the time as they get hit directly by the swell. Hollow left and right peaks break in small swells. In large swells, one newly discovered hollow right winds over m down the open coast. Your feet are not on the ground, your hanging in the sky, soaring like a bird, Paragliding is addictive, fun and safe.


At the Playground we support the rapidly growing paragliding community in South Lombok and welcome you to join them in exploring and experiencing the sights of South Lombok from a birds eye view. Limited Equipment Hire is available — xs, s, m canopy size harness size same as canopy. Kuta Bay is protected by a coral reef making the lagoon and calm waters ideal for practicing Stand Up Paddle boarding. The area is suitable for all levels, from beginner to advanced. This board is incredibly versatile, whether guests want to go for a trip, wave surfing, racing or practicing yoga.

This is an exciting and fun adventure for everybody. Due to currents and winds, clients start their journey on the East or West side of Kuta Beach to reach beach facility at the end. The school offers kite courses, equipment rental and watching session. Kaliantan beach is a long and has the perfect orientation. Large reefs in the entrance of the Bay create an extensive lagoon where you can play for hours on end. The area has consistent winds and is set in a stunning and remote location.

The south-east trade winds prevalent from May till the end of September guarantee a good session on almost any occasion. On the first day you will discover the equipment and learn how to control the kite. The second class will allow you to discover the power of the kite by body-dragging in the water. During the last class you will try your first water start with the board in one hand and the bar to control the kite in the other hand. The goal of the beginner package is to make you safe and autonomous rider. After this course most students are able to use the gear under the supervision of an instructor;.

During these 4 hours you will focus on riding and control speed by edging, riding up wind, sliding transition, self-rescue and pack down. The goal: become an independent kiter. You will perfom:. We offer you to ride under the supervision of an IKO certificated instructor with specific exercises to quickly get you to the next level.

This course is for people who are able to stay upwind and want to learn tricks to bring themselves to the next level. Transfer, pump, shade, fresh water rinse. The rental of equipment is subject to instructor approval and requires upwind capability. Discover amazing flora and fauna, dozen of cliffs, lagoons, beaches and explore the jungle, where you might see monkeys playing and jumping around.

The Playground Lombok - Club, Action Sports & Water Sports

Explore remote and beautiful beaches like Kaliantan, Cobra beach, Kura-Kura and the rest of the Southern coastline where you are likely to have a beach all to yourself. Your dirt bike will drive you where you want. A fly boarder stands on a wake board propelled in the air by a high-pressured pulsed water. The water propulsion is generated by our horsepower jetski connected to the fly boarder through a hose. A fly board rider can fly up to 5 meters above sea level Professional fly boarders are able to fly up to 10 meters.

Learning to practice Fly Boarding is a lot of fun and exciting for everyone!

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Kuta Bay is protected by a coral reef making the lagoon and calm waters ideal for practicing tubing. Tubing is a true joy for the family and friends, requiring no prior skills, clients will be getting towed behind a jet ski gliding across the wake at rushing speeds. Your mountain bike will drive you where you want. All tours are mostly on dirt roads and start with a safety briefing. Kuta Bay is protected by a coral reef making the lagoon and calm waters ideal for practicing Kayaking. We provide twin or single kayaks. Due to currents and winds, clients start their journey on the East or West side of the beach to reach the Playground beach facility at the end.

All our adventures are on board our 36 ft fast boat, have something for everyone and are customised to what people on board want to do. Join us to seek out the best, un-crowded waves of the day. Your customised tour will take you to South Lombok to surf famous breaks or if you prefer go to west Sumbawa to surf famous breaks all in a day.

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Our trained crew will drop and pick you up straight from the wave in the inflatable tender. If your prefer jumping into the water, explore the pristine islands and beaches of South Lombok or Sumbawa on our beach hopping adventure. With the Ozone Seahorse you can enjoy some of the best fishing in the world at Alas Straights in comfort and safety. Finally, our boat can get you to spectacular sunset locations only reachable by boat.

Our trip includes a sunset drink so you can sit back and enjoy the view in complete comfort from our rooftop. This trip is family friendly. Get your adrenaline pumping by riding the water towed by a jet-ski in a perfect setup. How do you talk with a child about sex? Human sex acts are just bizarre! So are genitals. So are pregnancy, birth, and nursing. Are you serious? This is how your species operates? It is really no wonder we try to talk about birds and bees instead of humans. And so, of course, immediately asks you to repeat what just took all your strength to say.

As your children get older, they understand more and more about anatomy and adult social relations. As a consequence, talking to older kids about sex can feel even more awkward than talking to very young children, because older kids have a better sense of the gravity and the weirdness of it all. And I was a professional medical researcher who was in the midst of editing a book about parenting and sex development. But we have to talk to our kids about sex. In fact, we have to be prepared to talk with them about sex throughout their lives as they develop. As they grow, your children will keep wanting to know more and more about sex. They will keep needing to know more about sex. And they will always deserve to know more about sex than they can get from school, the playground, and the media. News in Brief.