The Border Challenge: An Insiders Guide to Stopping Drugs at Americas Borders

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Nadelmann, Ethan, and Lindsay LaSalle. Peterson, Meghan, et al.

Kelly Call Number: RM Inciardi Call Number: HV I Inciardi Editor ; Lana D. Drug Overdose Deaths in Michigan Details the programs in place, prevention, harm reduction and recovery, and more related to opioid abuse in St. Effects on hospitalizations are unknown.

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  2. A Modern Philosophy of Education (RLE Edu K) (Routledge Library Editions: Education).
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Ng, Jennifer et al. Mobilizing drug consumption rooms: inter-place networks and harm reduction drug policy This article discusses the learning and politics involved in spreading Drug Consumption Rooms DCRs globally. McCann, Eugene, and Cristina Temenos. Perspectives on supervised injection facilities among service industry employees in New York City: A qualitative exploration Approximately supervised injection facilities SIFs operate in 66 cities around the world to reduce overdose deaths, the spread of disease and public disorder, though none legally exist in the United States.

Public bathrooms are among the most common public places for injection reported by people who inject drugs in New York City NYC and service industry employees SIEs inadvertently become first-responders when overdoses occur in business bathrooms. The goal of this study was to assess SIE acceptability of SIFs and the perceived effects that SIFs would have on them, their colleagues, their businesses and communities. Wolfson-Stofko, Brett, et al. D C32 V36 Clark ISBN: Department of Justice.

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A Feb. To address this gap, this paper uses sentencing and recidivism data from a cohort of individuals convicted of felony drug offenses in Florida to examine the effect of imprisonment--as compared to community sanctions--on recidivism. Mitchell, Ojmarrh, et al. Scholars have hypothesized that drug courts are effective at producing positive outcomes for participants due in part to a case management approach that implements concepts of procedural justice.

Atkin-Plunk, Cassandra A. EBSCOhost, doi Would legalizing illicit opioids reduce overdose fatalities? Implications from a natural experiment Overdose is the leading cause of premature mortality among heroin users. Darke, Shane, and Michael Farrell. Implications from a Natural Experiment. A Levinthal Call Number: HV L R69 Battin; Troy L.

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Booher; Paul M. Gahlinger; Arthur G.

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Lipman; Jeanette C. Roberts; Douglas E. Rollins ISBN: Encyclopedia of Drug Policy by James E. Hawdon Editor ; Mark A. A report from U. New treatment program coming to St.

Containing the Drug Cartels

Clair County jail. A new program is starting at the St. Clair County jail to offer increased treatment to inmates addicted to opioids. May 7, Times Herald. According to local news reports , consumer confusion over CBD has had serious consequences for travelers at the Dallas airport. A spokesperson for U.

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Customs and Border Protection told me that there was no immediately apparent nationwide trend. But some of the incidents in Dallas have resulted in felony charges.

The Farm Bill, which passed in December and was hailed as a win for CBD advocates, may also lead some fliers to feel an unwarranted comfort in traveling with the substance. The bill legalized hemp cultivation throughout the United States, which will allow CBD to be produced on an industrial scale, hastening the commoditization of the substance as a lifestyle product or pharmaceutical ingredient. The New York City Department of Health, for example, recently made it clear that the city will penalize restaurants that put CBD in food , but so far, shops are still allowed to sell oils or creams containing the chemical.

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  • Trump, Pelosi and Schumer get into a heated Oval Office fight over border wall and shutdown.
  • CBD derived from hemp is usually the source of products found outside regulated marijuana dispensaries, but Thorne says the distinction is complicated under federal law and may not be immediately apparent to individual law-enforcement officers. A TSA spokesperson did not respond to a request for comment, although the agency told The New York Times that it is generally focused on looking for national-security threats, not small amounts of recreational drugs. Read: The CBD crackdown has begun.

    The lack of clear regulatory oversight is another reason that travelers might have trouble with airport authorities.