The amazing adventures of OB the Hover fly. The Death Nettles (one Book 4)

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Comma Butterfly Commas hibernate over the winter and use the amazing patterns on their wings to blend in with dead undergrowth.

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Drone Fly Hoverfly There was plenty of other colourful gems dotted about too, like 7 spotted ladybirds waking up in the sun and wild strawberry in flower. Like this: Like Loading Wildly Pip Living wildly in Cardiff, Wales. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. A renovation of the top of the Space Needle began in the summer of , to add an all-glass floor to the restaurant, and replace the observation platform windows with floor-to-ceiling glass panels to more closely match the original concept sketches, as well as upgrades and updates to the internal systems.

The rotating restaurant's motor will be replaced, the elevator capacity will be increased by adding elevators, or double-stacking them, and the energy efficiency of the building will be improved with the aim of achieving LEED Silver Certification. The platform was made by Safway Services , a company specializing in unique construction scaffolding.

Six parachutists have leaped from the tower since its opening, in a sport known as BASE jumping. This activity is only legal with prior authorization. Four of them were part of an authorized promotion in , [38] and the other two were arrested. Paul D. Baker was the first person to jump from the Space Needle in a successful suicide attempt on March 4, As a symbol of the Pacific Northwest, the Space Needle has made numerous appearances in films, TV shows and other works of fiction. Examples of films include It Happened at the World's Fair , where it was used as a filming location, and Sleepless in Seattle In the film The Parallax View , the inside and outside platforms of the observation deck are the setting for a political assassination and a brief chase takes place on the roof above it.

In the film Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me , it served as a base of operations for the villain Doctor Evil with the word Starbucks written across its saucer after his henchman Number 2 shifted the organization's resources toward the coffee company. In the TV series Frasier an outline of it appears in the opening credits and the base is visible from the high-rise condo, although that view is an artificial composite image, as there are no high rise condos in the area depicted, of that height.

It was also destroyed in the TV miniseries The movie mistakenly portrays the Needle as crumbling concrete, though the structure is actually made of iron and designed to withstand up to a 9. The needle is also featured in some episodes of Bill Nye the Science Guy , such as the episode "Storms" where Bill Nye uses the lightning rod on top of it as an example of conducting lightning strikes.

Max Guevara , the main character from the series Dark Angel which is set in a post-apocalyptic Seattle, is often seen on the roof of the derelict Space Needle.

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A piece Lego model of the tower was released in as part of the Lego Architecture collection. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the tower in Seattle. For other uses, see Space Needle disambiguation. The Space Needle flying the U. Seattle Landmark.

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November 30, Emerald City Journal. Retrieved December 20, Archived from the original on April 26, Retrieved April 6, Seattle Post-Intelligencer. Retrieved May 30, KOMO News. This potentially weakens the plant, and leaves a wound that could let in diseases. In a healthy plant, however, this is no more of a hazard than midge bites or cuts and grazes for you or me. A healthy plant heals itself. The aphids then excrete a sugary substance called honeydew, which is ideal for fungal moulds to grow on.

Firstly, grow plants as 'hard' as they can bear. This means only ever directly feeding a plant that is visibly ailing; not adding too much compost or manure once you have established a good soil structure; not over-watering or protecting a plant from wind and weather any more than is necessary; and using garden compost sparingly. Aphids can certainly increase their numbers astonishingly fast.

But in a healthy garden there will be predators that will immediately be attracted to the aphids and, as the aphid population grows, so will that of the predators, until the two balance each other out. If you see lots of ladybirds in your garden, it means that there are lots of aphids attracted by the smell that comes out of the honeydew. Lose the aphids and ladybird numbers will drop fast. Hoverfly and lacewing larvae also eat hundreds of aphids before they pupate.

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Hoverflies are attracted to the garden by umbellifers of all kinds, so a good assortment of dill, fennel, loveage, cow parsley, carrot, celery, parsnip and parsley all left to flower will provide sufficient inducement for aphid-eaters. Remember that a healthy population of predators in your garden must have prey to feed on.

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So killing off all your aphids will result in an explosion of aphids later on.