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Milesius was a very valiant champion, a great warrior, and fortunate and prosperous in all his undertakings: witness his name of "Milesius," given him from the many battles some say a thousand, which the word "Mil? The eight brothers were neither forgetful nor negligent in the execution of their father's command; but, soon after his death, with a numerous fleet well manned and equipped, set forth from Breoghan's Tower or Brigantia now Corunna in Galicia, in Spain, and sailed prosperously to the coasts of Ireland or lnis-Fail, where they met many difficulties and various chances before they could land: occasioned by the diabolical arts, sorceries, and enchantments used by the Tuatha-de-Danann, to obstruct their landing; for, by their magic art, they enchanted the island so as to appear to the Milesians or Clan-na-Mil?

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Amorgen,landed amergin ollamh. Heber and Heremon, the chief leading men remaining of the eight brothers, sons of Milesius aforesaid, divided the kingdom between them allotting a proportion of land to their brother Amergin, who was their Arch-priest, Druid, or magician; ollamh. Heber and Heremon reigned jointly one year only, when, upon a difference between their ambitious wives, they quarrelled and fought a battle at Ardeath or Geshill Geashill, near Tullamore in the King's County , where Heber was slain by Heremon; and, soon after, Amergin, who claimed an equal share in the government, was, in another battle fought between them, likewise slain by Heremon.

Thus, Heremon became sole Monarch, and made a new division of the land amongst his comrades and friends, viz. From Ir, the second brother, all the provincial Kings of Ulster of whom twenty-six were sole Monarchs of Ireland , and all the ancient nobility and gentry of Ulster, and many noble families in Leinster, Munster, and Connaught, derive their pedigrees; and, in Scotland, the Clan-na-Rory - the descendants of an eminent man, named Ruadhri or Roderick, who was Monarch of Ireland for seventy years viz.

This invasion, conquest, or plantation of Ireland by the Milesian or Scottish Nation took place in the Year of the World three thousand Ova hundred, or the next year after Solomon began the foundation of the Temple of Jerusalem, and one thousand six hundred and ninety-nine years before the Nativity of our Saviour Jesus Christ; which, according to the Irish computation of Time, occurred Anno Mundi five thousand one hundred and ninety-nine: therein agreeing with the Septuagint, Roman Martyrologies, Eusebius, Orosius, and other ancient authors; which computation the ancient Irish chroniclers exactly observed in their Books of the Reigns of the Monarchs of Ireland, and other Antiquities of that Kingdom ; out of which the Roll of the Monarchs of Ireland, from the beginning of the Milesian Monarchy to their submission to King Henry the Second of England, a Prince of their own Blood, is exactly collected.

Heremon: his son. He and his eldest brother Heber were, jointly, the first Milesian Monarchs of Ireland; they began to reign, A.

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After Heber was slain, B. Heremon died, B. Irial Faidh "faidh": Irish, a prophet : his son; was the 10th Monarch of Ireland; d. This was a very learned King; could foretell things to come; and caused much of the country to be cleared of the ancient forests. He likewise built seven royal palaces, viz. Irial died in the second year after this battle, having reigned 10 years, and was buried at Magh Muagh.


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Eithrial: his son; was the 11th Monarch; reigned 20 years; and was slain by Conmaol, the son of Heber Fionn, at the battle of Soirrean, in Leinster, B. This also was a learned King, he wrote with his own hand the History of the Gaels or Gadelians ; in his reign seven large woods were cleared and much advance made in the practice of agriculture. Foll-Aich: his son; was kept out of the Monarchy by Conmaol, the slayer of his father, who usurped his place. Tigernmas: his son; was the 13th Monarch, and reigned 77 years; according to Keating, he reigned but 50 years; he fought twenty-seven battles with the followers of the family of Heber Fionn, all which he gained.

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This King died, B. Historians say this Monarch was the first who introduced image worship in Ireland. It seems Cermand Cestach was the name of the Oracle of Clogher, a stone which spoke through the Druids, somewhat like the Oracle of Delphi. The reason the L? Enboath: his son. It was in this prince's lifetime that the Kingdom was divided in two parts by a line drawn from Drogheda to Limerick. Smiomghall: his son; in his lifetime the Picts in Scotland were forced to abide by their oath, and pay homage to the Irish Monarch; seven large woods were also cut down.

Fiacha Labhrainn: his son; was the 18th Monarch; reigned 24 years; slew Eochaidh Faobharglas, of the line of Heber, at the battle of Carman. During his reign all the inhabitants of Scotland were brought in subjection to the Irish Monarchy, and the conquest was secured by his son the 20th Monarch. Fiacha at length B.

Aongus Olmucach: his son; was the 20th Monarch; in his reign the Picts again refused to pay the tribute imposed on them years before, by Heremon, but this Monarch went with a strong army into Alba and in thirty pitched battles overcame them and forced them to pay the required tribute. Main: his son; was kept out of the Monarchy by Eadna, of the line of Heber Fionn.

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In his time silver shields were given as rewards for bravery to the Irish militia. Rotheachtach: his son; was the 22nd Monarch; slain, B. Dein: his son; was kept out of the Monarchy by his father's slayer, and his son. In his time gentlemen and noblemen first wore gold chains round their necks, as a sign of their birth; and golden helmets were given to brave soldiers,. Siorna "Saoghalach" long-oevus : his son; was the 34th Monarch; he obtained the name "Saoghalach" on account of his extraordinary long life; slain, B. C , at Aillin, by Rotheachta, of the line of Heber Fionn, who usurped the Monarchy, thereby excluding from the throne -.

Nuadhas Fionnfail: his son; was the 39th Monarch; slain by Breasrioghacta, his successor, B. Aedan Glas: his son. In his time the coast was infested with pirates; and there occurred a dreadful plague Apthach which swept away most of the inhabitants. Simeon Breac: his son; was the 44th Monarch; he inhumanly caused his predecessor to be torn asunder; but, after a reign of six years, he met with a like death, by order of Duach Fionn, son to the murdered King, B. Fiacha Tolgrach: son of Muredach; was the 55th Monarch. Eochaidh Buadhach: his son; was kept out of the Monarchy by his father's slayer.

In his time the kingdom was twice visited with a plague. Ugaine M?

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Was called M? Was married to C? In order to prevent these children encroaching on each other he divided the Kingdom into twenty-five portions, allotting to each his or her distinct inheritance. By means of this division the taxes of the country were collected during the succeeding years. All the sons died without issue except two, viz: - Laeghaire Lorc, ancestor of all the Leinster Heremonians; and Cobthach Caolbhreagh, from whom the Heremonians of Leath Cuinn, viz.

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Ugaine was at length, B. Breassal Breac: his son. Had two sons - 1. Lughaidh, 2. Conla, between whom he divided his country, viz. Fergus Fairg? He was, according to later medieval tradition, a rival of the High King , Conn of the Hundred Battles , and for a time after the year was the de facto ruler of the southern half of Ireland. Conn later invaded Leth Moga and drove Mug from Ireland. O'Rahilly speculated that Mug Nuadat may in fact have been the god Nuada rather than an actual historical person.

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  8. Then he further goes on to say that this Eugene was commonly called "Mogha Nuadhad," and was a wise and politic prince and great warrior. From him Magh-Nuadhad now " Maynooth " is so called. Mug's son was Ailill Ollamh. Branching out of the Race of Eoghan, son of Oilill Olum. Here commences the genealogies and the branches of relationships of the family of eoghan Mor son of Oilill Olum - as set out here; and beside the other descendants of Oilill Olum.

    Eoghan Mor son of Oilill Olum, had one son i.

    Ireland XO

    Fiacha Muilleathan i. Fiacha of the Flat head. This son was conceived as follows: one night Eoghan went to the house of Dil of the Crecraighe tribe, before going to the battle of Magh Mucruimbe. Dil then lived at Carn Fhearadhaig in the territory of the Northern Deis. This Dil then had a marriageable beautiful daughter called Muncha.

    While they were drinking Dil, the Druid, asked Eoghan if he had a family. No, said Eoghan. Muncha lay with Eoghan that night, at the druid's directive.

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