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It could even be said he treats her like a little sister. Apparently, they both met at a young age.

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He occasionally, but notably, refers to her as "Kuki" more than the other members. It was hinted by Numbuh 5 at the end of Operation: W. This came about when Numbuh 5 was asking Numbuh 1 questions to prove that he actually was Numbuh 1, and she asked;. Nigel responded to this by narrowing his eyes, possibly suggesting that it was him.

Numbuh 3's Relationships

This is unconfirmed, and it is not known if Numbuh 3 ever returned his feelings if he had them. He and Numbuh 3 share a similar relationship that Numbuh 3 shares with Numbuhs 1 and 5.

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Like Numbuh 5, he knows of her and Numbuh 4's crush on each other, and also openly teases Numbuh 4 about it. Being the only other girl in Sector V , Numbuh 5 is good friends with Numbuh 3, despite being opposites from each other. Unlike Numbuh 3, Numbuh 5 isn't as girly or ditzy, and easily gets annoyed by Numbuh 3's antics. Nevertheless, Numbuh 5 cares about Numbuh 3 like a sister and tries to comfort her, as seen in Operation: H. Numbuh 5 is aware of Numbuh 3 and Numbuh 4's crushes on each other and would often teases Numbuh 4 about it.

There is almost no evidence that Numbuh 3 is friends with Numbuh , other than seldom talking in a few episodes and having a typical superior-subordinate respect for each other. In the end of the episode, Numbuh congratulated Sector V after saving her. Not much is known about Numbuh 3's friendship with Numbuh 23, other than that she also attended Numbuh 86's sleepover and have an interest of Rainbow Monkeys.

Numbuh 23 seems to know about Numbuh 3's crush on Numbuh 4 and giggles when Numbuh 3 was asked by Numbuh 12 whether or not she like-liked Numbuh 4. When Numbuh 86 first appeared in Operation: F. Kuki was invited to Numbuh 86's sleepover in Operation: S. Afterward, Numbuh 3 tries to cheer her up and agreed to be her friend when no one else would.

They are good friends since then, and also shown to share the same interests, such as Rainbow Monkeys. However, when he betrayed the KND, Kuki thought of him as "a big meanie". Chester may be considered Numbuh 3's biggest enemy since he was the one who threatened Numbuh 6 and almost killed her when he tried to feed her to sharks as a giant hamburger. Therefore, Numbuh 3 greatly hates him. In Operation: B.


Until she learns his intentions are real, she believes he is simply playing, and is even flattered he would choose her for a bride and future queen. After the mini-sermons, the Pardoner returns to the story of the three revelers.

While at a pub one morning before Mass—gasp! A young servant tells them the corpse is a friend of theirs, killed by someone named Death who's been going around killing everybody. Enraged, the three swear a pact of brotherhood and declare their intention to work together to kill this Death, who's been having a field day during the plague.

When the bartender tells them they can find Death in a nearby village, off they go to look for him. After traveling about a mile, the young men meet with a withered old man, bent over and just wasting away.

Three-Way Split (Comes in Threes, #1) by Elia Winters

They rudely ask him why he's so old. He explains that no one wants to trade their youth for his age, and although he's pleaded with the earth to accept his body, she's refused to do so. He reproaches the young men for their rudeness. Kids these days… They respond even more rudely, threatening to hurt the old man if he doesn't tell them where to find Death; they suspect he might even be Death's spy. He tells them they can find Death under a tree around the corner.

2. Throwing water

When they reach the tree, Death isn't there. Instead, there are 8 bushels of gold coins. They can't believe their good luck and forget about finding Death in about two seconds. They decide to wait until nightfall to carry the gold to one of their homes so that no one will accuse them of stealing it.

Being gamblers, they draw straws to decide who will go to town to bring snacks and drinks, since it's gonna be a long night. The youngest draws the short straw. After he leaves, the other two buddies decide kill him when he gets back. Why split the gold three ways when you can do it two ways? The other young man has a similar plan; if he can kill the others, he has all the gold for himself. In town, he buys food and wine, and goes to a drugstore claiming to need poison to kill rats. Dosing two of the wine bottles with the poison, he returns to the grove intending to kill his friends.

Instead, they kill him and sit down for a drink. They immediately die a painful and miserable death. We get the moral of the story: with friends like these, who needs enemies? Or actually, we mean "greed is bad. So that's his tale, and by the way, it's an honor and advantage for the pilgrims to have a Pardoner on the pilgrimage, for he can absolve them of their sins in the event that anyone meets with an untimely death, like falling off their horse.

They wouldn't want to die in a state of sin, right? So the Pardoner invites the pilgrims to step up and buy his relics or purchase a pardon or two to use along the way.