Iraqi Kurds and Nation-Building

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From the beginning, to be a Turk has meant the shedding or negating of other allegiances. For this reason, the concept of Kurdish autonomy anywhere in the region poses a very literal existential threat to the Turkish Republic.

Their population of 25 to 35 million people is divided between Iran, Syria, and Iraq, with the majority residing in Turkey, where they constitute about 20 percent of the population. In the early years of his presidency, Erdogan took significant steps to improve relations between Kurds and the Turkish state.

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The government implemented a ceasefire in following direct peace talks between Erdogan and Ocalan. Previous restrictions on Kurdish-language education and television programing were also dissolved.

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Yet the truce was short-lived, as fighting between Turkish forces and Kurdish militants broke out once again in Brett McGurk, U. Yet after the fall of Mosul and the eradication of ISIS militants from most Iraqi Kurdistan territories by Kurdish forces, Barzani may be trying to ride a wave of enthusiasm to finally achieve his goals. While the referendum poses significant risks for the region, Zaman said that Iraqi Kurdish officials might view the convergence of recent events as giving them their best shot at independence. Still, the possibility of Turkish and Iranian intervention during or after the vote remains a real concern.

KRG control over the oil-rich province of Kirkuk has aggravated regional powers since , when Kurdish peshmerga forces seized the territory after Iraqi forces fled the advance of ISIS.

Iraqi Kurds and Nation-Building by Mohammed M. A. Ahmed -

Because Turkmen share ethnic roots with Turks, officials in Ankara have long cited the need to protect them as an excuse to exert more pressure on the KRG. While Turkey may well intervene in the Iraqi Kurdish referendum, several analysts said Erdogan would have little to gain from doing so.

On the contrary: Some argue that stronger economic ties with an independent Iraqi Kurdistan could prove lucrative. Some 1, Turkish companies already operate out of the region.

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Iraqi Kurds and Nation-Building

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Iraqi Kurds and Nation-Building

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