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It was suggested that as we gather as a collective, such as conferences, and a great time would be the upcoming Spring Equinox, millions of people would be gathered all over the planet at this time and this Equinox is and will be a very powerful time, very powerful, energies for all. If this resonates, all should be informed, via, email, web sites etc. Her face was very old and thin, but yet very beautiful, andher eyes were still shining brightly. All I could see was her facebefore me.

I'll try to remember word for word what she said: Love, Morning Star Men have a way of translating, creating, doing and being that is different from women. That is how balance is achieved in all things. Men are of the physical, of action, doing, moving forward, this is how they create.

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Women are of the waters, of allowing, feeling, of being rather than doing, and this is how we create. The Spirit Bundles that the men speak of are good, for they are solid,action of doing in the physical, and the experience of how men feel and translate my energy and respond with action. My Spirit may dwell within bundles of the physical only partially, it's keeping and care a symbol of the keeping and care of the Heart, Spirit and Soul.

The Heart is the place my Soul truly may live and prosper.

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Within the Hearts of women I already have a place, a bundle, this is my home, I am safe and protected and honored in the Heart. Your wombs are a vessel of Spirit, containing my Waters of Life, and I live within each of you already on some level, for truly, we are ONE. The Heart is where I must dwell, within the light of love, and those Keepers understand they hold my Soul within their Hearts, and Bundles with their hands.

FEEL me. Love, Love, Love, Love, Love, Love, Love The last part I saw her back up a bit, and spread out her arms towardsme, unfolding like a blanket of stars, and it felt she was imploring, or asking to be brought into the Heart with her gesture. I only told one person, a woman of the message last night after sweats, so that I could FEEL about it rather than "think" about it for a while.

I was feeling what she said about the man's way and the women's way,and if the man's way is thinking and doing, then as a woman I feel and allow I also was remembering a Druid ceremony called "Drawing Down theMoon". In this ceremony the Priestess draws down the full Moon into her heart, and then speaks to the people gathered in the circle asGrandmother Moon. I took part in a Drawing Down the Moon ceremonyonce.

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So, I was remembering the emotion, what it felt like in my heart when she entered. Is there such a ceremony? She emerged, trembling from the earth, afraid to enter this world where there was so much pain, and as she appeared, she went to each of the men in the circle, and asked them where could her Soul dwell The men pointed to temples, and physical objects etc And that was where the Goddess' Spirit went into, the Hearts of those in the circle to act as her keepers.

I kept remembering the emotion and feeling I had within the heart when we meditated with the Goddes, and Drunvalo had each of us invite her into our hearts. So, this is what I heard, and saw, and then felt last night with Grandmother Moon.

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Michael Wolf by Richard Boylan, Ph. Late last week I received a phone call from Dr.

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He provided new information, and expanded on some previous disclosures. Wolf expanded on his previous revelation that a secret military spacecraft retrieved an extraterrestrial space beacon, dubbed The Monolith, from its position in space, and brought it back to Earth in for study. The U.

This in turn has adversely affected Earth's climate. Top International Security officials in communication with extraterrestrial representatives have requested them to restore the Moon to its proper axis. But the ETs have declined to help until the U. We are at a crucial point of our being. We act in a good way and honor Great Spirit in all we do and do not do in these times. That is the way of True Family. These "earth changes" are so much more than that.

We are part of the rebirthing as it is occurring through the dimensions. Remember that we are truly Loved and Blessed to be a part of this experience. This fire was coming from the sky. I asked all the astronomers to look for the object. In March of last year, the meteroite made headlines on the cover of the San Diego newspaper. This comet or meteorite was on CNN for a few days and there were two movies that entertained the public that related to the possible remedies and situations that may arise.

This evening I received a call from Wambli Tokaheya. He said that the Tunkasila's once again said "there is a fire coming from the sky". I asked him if this was just a spiritual statement or was it a physical statement. He said it will be physical. He stated before the snow falls, before winter of next year, it will come. Once again I urge all the channelers to do their work and find out the details of this statement from the spiritual realm.

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