Father Mars, Mother Earth

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While Neptune almost ended up being named after one of the astronomers credited with discovering it — Verrier — that was greatly disputed, so it was named after the god of the sea. The name was probably inspired by its blue color.

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The dark, cold, former planet was named after the god of the underworld. Universe Today has articles on names of the planets and all the planets.

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For more information on the planets check out all about the planets and mythology of the planets. Astronomy Cast has episodes on all the planets including Saturn. Skip to content. Like this: Like Loading Next Post Next What are Planetoids? Starting with basic linear algebra and concluding with the integration theorems of Green, Stokes, and Gauss, the text pays particular attention to the relationships between different parametrizations of curves and surfaces, and it surveys their application in line and surface integrals.

Much of the story draws from Johnson's personal life as a Civil Rights activist. It assumes that you want deep, lasting knowledge that will allow you to build up your Flash skills from a solid base. Palms to The Ground makes me wish that she was writing when I was a kid.

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Sometimes the use of the wrong word was so bad that I couldn't even figure out what the author meant to say. Everything you wanted to know about the artist. These characters were floating on the work of others and laying the ground for descendants, but their own adventure was a dull ride almost entirely out of their control. The decisions they had to make almost never impacted the overall course of events. The cover of the book tells you as much about the story as actually reading the book does.

Tone: The majority of the book was written on the level of an old Hardy Boys novel for nine-year-olds.

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Jokes and cliches were awkward, and the dialog was hokey or just awful. There were love scenes of adolescent, embarrassing ardor. And the violence was described with awkward attempts at clinical detail, far too gory for the young audience the book seems aimed at, and far too clumsy to be interesting to an adult. Sinews popping as flesh sizzles Gory and clinical has been done far better elsewhere, and just didn't fit here at all. Characters: The leading pair of star-crossed lovers was painful to watch. They're written as paragons of virtue and faithfulness, who instantly fall deeply and permanently in love.

Meet the mother who wants to leave her kids for Mars One

They also accidentally, almost without thought, condemn an entire civilization to slow death. And they never talk about it again.

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The breathtaking incongruity of that decision is never touched on. But don't worry, because they're both totally awesome, so that was probably okay. The 'bad guy' runs through his own plot line, almost totally disconnected from the rest of the book. None of the main characters ever meet him, and then he wraps up his own story in a convenient plot device that made no sense and had no emotional depth or resonance to the rest of the story at all. Supporting characters exist to provide our main lovers with excuses to have awkward dialogue and receive praise for how amazing they are.

One character also serves as the object of a surprisingly dark rape fantasy of the 'bad guy' that goes nowhere and again, has no resonance with the rest of the book. Another 'almost bad guy' makes some decisions that could have had huge implications, but they're never discovered and, therefore, never explored. The character just kind of fades away, as did many of the interesting ideas or themes that could have made this a really great book.

Names: I don't usually notice names, one way or the other. But when they're really bad, I notice them.


I noticed them in this book. Spoiler: All of our English-language cliches originated on Mars, millions of years ago! Who knew? Mar 15, Dana Burkey rated it liked it. I enjoyed this book, the concept behind it and everything. It was fun to connect the dots from this fictional world on Mars to the history of Earth we all know.

I just left like the book was a little long winded. I found myself wanting the book to move with more action, or at least less exposition in the last half of the book. I feel like it could have been half as long and still done a wonderful job. All in all a creative and fun book, just a little to slow and sluggish for my taste. Apr 10, Priscilla rated it it was amazing.