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Puzzle on 2nd floor balcony. Blut uses a razor blade to make a cut and then uses a set of suction cups to draw the blood out. After making a cut, Blut lays on her stomach and has the blood drawn from her shoulders or back for a few minutes. Pictured are some of the tools used to keep cuts clean. She said: 'If you drink too much you do get sick - it doesn't take much blood for Michael to get his energy.

Michael, 43, started drinking blood at the young age of 13, and does this type of feeding a few times a year. He said: 'I started drinking blood by accident - it was during an intense sexual act where blood was drawn and touched my lips. At that point it was an awakening.

The Many Faces of ‘Black Swan,’ Deconstructed

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To criticize the movie for being obvious or lacking depth, though, is to ignore the fact that the very obviousness of all the symbolism is wholly fitting for Black Swan , which never hopes to be anything other than an archetypal story combined out of various different genres: fairytale, horror, melodrama, and so on. All these types of stories contain symbolism, but it is symbolism of a particular kind - a direct, visceral sort of symbolism which the reader or viewer could never be expected to struggle to see, but is instead offered to us fully-formed: the link between sex and death offered by vampires, say.

Neither approach is better or worse than the other, but it is important to gauge which we are dealing with, or we may end up looking at a film through the wrong lens. This is a film entirely unconcerned with ambiguity. A more appropriate comparison for the movie might be something like the excellent little horror flick, Teeth , which is about a young, abstinent teenage Christian girl who discovers she possesses vagina dentata; gory sex scenes ensue.


Black Swan works on similar levels. Its concerns are uncomplicatedly primitive, and its means of conveying them are thus similarly unadorned. Black Swan does what it sets out to do extremely well.

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