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Lewis had actually long ago pointed out the above points in his book The Problem of Pain in a chapter, Divine Omnipotence:.

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It also covers biblical teachings such that God cannot sin, because this would go against His nature, but this is an internal limitation and not from outside. See also the previous feedback What is good? There is nothing self-contradictory about the God of the Bible, as opposed to misunderstanding of certain terms theologians use to describe Him.

Notes and Commentary on Genesis 1–2

God is no way invalidated because certain omni-terms contradict each other when misunderstood. This meant that He voluntarily gave up independent use of certain divine powers see also the discussion on this emptying or kenosis in Doctrine of the Person of Christ. In this case, God the Father could create a rock too heavy for God the Son to lift. Something like that likely happened when Jesus was evidently too weakened by sleep deprivation and the ferocious Roman scourging to carry the crossbeam on the way to the Crucifixion, which is why Simon of Cyrene was forced to carry it for Him Matthew , Mark , Luke We have supplied this link to an article on an external website in good faith.

Home Enlighten Theses. Enlighten: Theses. Being and creation in the theology of John Scottus Eriugena: an approach to a new way of thinking. Full text available as: Preview. Back to top. There are also many examples today where non-practicing Muslims or those doing bad deeds, having reached the last stages of their lives at the age of 50 or 60 , will repent and turn into a good Muslim. The same applies for thousands of new converts every year.


These people, according to the will of Allah, will be forgiven and enter Paradise. And it is because of the person himself, such as in the case of hypocrites. To have the correct understanding of the concept of qadar , we need to know more about the creation of the human being.

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  • What is mentioned in this Hadith is actually a miracle. It describes the stages of the fetus and the creation of man 1, years before science and technology confirm it as fact.

    This description of the stages of the fetus can also be found in the Quran but without the mention of the periods of times. A conference regarding the Creation was held in Europe several years ago and some Muslim Scholars were invited to attend. When these Scholars gave the Islamic perspective regarding the stages of the fetus, showing that this was documented in the Quran and the Hadith, some of the people who attended the conference embraced Islam — they were convinced that it is a Divine revelation.

    We also need to understand the components of the human being in order to help us understand qadar in the positive way.

    32 Bible Verses about Creation

    The human being consists of the following components: —. Desires are part of what is known as the internal challenges — things which influence our willingness and ability. The internal challenges consist of:. We can be dealing with these three different aspects of the nafs in a short period of time, e. There are also external challenges which attract the internal challenges :.

    (2-1) Introduction

    Studying and understanding the Hadiths will activate our insight basirah , enlighten our hearts, and uplift our souls. This will by the help of Allah, lead us and keep us on the right path to the end, insha Allah. Jamal Ahmed Badi. Hadith 4: Creation of human being; Al-Qadar. However it was added to other narrations including the one chosen by al-Imam al-Nawawi to provide a better interpretation or explanation but instead it gave two conflicting views of the creation of mankind in terms of stages of the fetus: First View: The three stages of the fetus consist of forty days each, equaling to a total of days for the stages to complete.

    The authenticity of the last section of the Hadith Some Scholars say that the last section of the hadith i. Al-Qadar al-Sanawi — the annual qadar which takes place once a year Lailatul qadar — where it matchs what has been written in Al-Lauhulmahfudz. The human being consists of the following components: — The intellect Al-Aql — this allows us, to a certain extent, to distinguish between good and evil.

    Loving The Earth Means Being Good Stewards Of Creation

    The intellect is part of us, part of the creation of Allah. Based on this, a person is regarded as mukallaf , responsible to understand and accept the massage of Allah if he is sane. If someone is mentally disturbed or insane, then he is not mukallaf. The natural disposition or innate Al-Fitrah — we are created with this innate which enables us to love what is good and what is right and to hate what is evil and what is wrong.

    It consists of love and hate. Even though we are created with this fitrah , it is subject to change due to the environment, to our parents, upbringing, etc.